The Star Spangled Banner

6 Jul

I saw a video about The Star Spangled Banner that should bring tears to the eyes of any patriotic American who has been disillusioned by what seems to be the undermining and manipulation of the hope, faith, and dreams of ordinary Americans, especially those who fought in the military. This video is simple, gut wrenching, and straight forward. It looks at the plight of early Americans as they fought a vast British empire in 1812, refusing to bow to its demands of surrender under what seemed to be impossible odds. This is the stuff of which universal legends and heroes are made. Of course, the fight did not end with the War of 1812. The British royalty and banksters continued to have their way with us, drawing America into war after war after war using covert means to do so as they slowly usurped our institutions as we slept. Their empire has not yet set as many would have you believe. They and Europe helped create the slave trade around the world on which plantation crops were built. This empire, fortified by importation of human diseases, helped decimate and emasculate an entire population of native peoples in the Americas. No one denies any of this. However, America has always paid lip service to the idea that all men should have a shot at the brass ring. The definition of “men” has evolved over the years to include groups other than white male property owners. The fact that this can even happen provides credence and succor to the idea that there is something very special about the idea of America. It provides hope for the future. It is the reason so many immigrants, legal or otherwise, want to swarm over our borders to enjoy the opportunities they believe abound here. Opportunities do abound here, but they are being steadily undermined by a rapacious government/banking/corporation consortium that devalues our money while appropriating as much of it as possible from us by means of all kinds of taxes and hidden fees. 

I guess America is best summed up as an ideal of what can take root in fertile soil, provided it gets stirred up from time to time. In a democratic society, it is the responsibility of the voters to do their job. At a minimum, this requires taking the time to vote. There is no excuse for not doing this, because if you don’t like either major candidate you can vote for somebody else as a protest vote. Who knows, maybe such a vote can get somebody else elected for a change. Now wouldn’t that stir up the soil!

In the meantime, here is a link to the video:

The Case of Bernie Sanders

14 Jun

So what do we do with Bernie Sanders, the man who rallied a patriotic nation with cries of injustice, railing against the establishment, the status quo? What do we do with him? Love him? Despise him? What exactly?There was a real ground swell underneath Bernie Sanders. He was tapping into an enormous raw visceral power that even he didn’t quite understand. I’m 70 years old so I have quite a bit of history to remember, but to the best of my knowledge I had never contributed money to a presidential campaign in my entire life until Bernie Sanders came along. Good ole Bernie, signed a contract with the DNC saying he would not run as an independent if he was nominated. I didn’t like it, but I figured it was the only way they would let him run as a democrat and he stood a much better chance of winning the election as a mainstream candidate. Compromise, the fodder of a democratic society.  

Please disregard the next few sentences if you were living under a rock back in 2016, but the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders every step of the way in every way possible. Not only did they cheat him, they were desperately flagrant about it. They were going to win at all costs because there was so much for them to lose. I never saw a candidate so shallow, fake, coddled, groomed, and entitled as Hillary Clinton. It was absolutely nauseating to watch the spectacle of it all. The DNC thought they had all the chess pieces in place, even to the point of promoting Donald Trump via the mainstream media, whom they considered to be such a loose cannon that even his own mother wouldn’t vote for him. In spite of everything they threw at him, ole Bernie wound up at the Democratic Convention where they promptly stole the nomination from him and gave it to Hillary, balloons came down, Hillary had a bad programming fit on stage like a terminator whose wiring just shorted out, and finally somebody decided to say the show’s over and quickly shut the curtain down on the whole sordid affair.

It is at this juncture that I take exception with Bernie Sanders’ behavior. His apologists will say he signed a contract that said he would not run as an independent if he lost the democratic nomination. That’s all well and good as long as none of the parties who signed the contract breach it. The DNC breached it, not only once but multiple times in myriad ways, right down to the convention itself. By law, such a contract is rendered null and void, which meant Bernie Sanders had the right to run as an independent long before the convention even convened. Jill Stein, the Presidential candidate of the Green Party who was on every state ballot in the country invited Bernie to take her place as the Green Party Presidential candidate and she would be his Vice-Presidential running mate! Bernie had an enormous ground swell underneath his feet at the time. His supporters were absolutely seething with righteous indignation about how the democrats had treated him. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the birth of a monumental sea change moment in the history of the world. All Bernie Sanders had to do was simply walk out of that convention like a conquering hero and he would have walked away with the Presidency. Instead he conceded, quickly morphing into a sycophant who shamelessly promoted Hillary Clinton! The scenario quickly faded from pure bright light to filthy greasy wormy black like a nightmare on Elm Street. Evil won a pyrrhic victory. Apologists, like abused victims with Stockholm Syndrome, will come to his defense saying his wife was threatened or some other such nonsense. Well, guess what? Patriots, their families, and their properties were all threatened by the King of England back in 1776 for declaring their independence. If Bernie was being threatened (aren’t they all?) all he had to do was state it as public fact and swarms of supporters would have surrounded his family and his properties like rabid guard dogs, most or all of whom would have been armed to the teeth. Instead, Bernie chose a different path. Why he did so, only he knows. He has been accused of sheep herding for Hillary, i.e. rounding up wayward swing voters. Whether originally intended or not, that is exactly what he tried to do at the end. It failed miserably. Now, he is no longer a uniter but a potentially dangerous divider. For this alone, Bernie should be relegated to the dust bin of history…..forever.

Time for a Constitutional Amendment

11 Oct

Folks, let me start out by stating my political affiliation:


We need to start at least one petition for amending the Constitution, maybe more if required by law. Here’s what needs to be in it (them).

1) No gerrymandering, computerized or otherwise by political parties currently in power in the House of “Representatives”.  In fact, no gerrymandering…PERIOD!  Let computers randomize the districts so they evenly represent the voting population in that geographical area.

2) Supreme court justices should not be selected based upon political affiliations. In fact, they should be registered as independents and this should be vetted by an independently appointed, apolitical, ad hoc committee. No republicans or democrats need apply, or any other party.

3) Term limits on everybody. No one should stay in Washington longer than 8 years.

4) No unlimited campaign contributions. This is not “free” speech. It’s only free speech if everybody gets to voice an opinion in an equitable amount of time. Hogging the media with one kind of opinion only corrodes and erodes our representative democracy.  Also, these so called “representatives” know which side their bread is buttered on, and that side is not where most people reside.

5) Abolish the electoral college and have direct elections by popular vote. This antiquated system guarantees the continued monopolization of presidential power by the two-party system. Instead, have run-off elections in case of a tie.

6) (Any suggestions?)

On another note..

The idea that we can somehow do without government is absolutely ludicrous. Does government need to be downsized? ABSOLUTELY!  But this needs to be done intelligently. You don’t cure the patient of tumors by blowing him up or depriving him of oxygen until he dies. You get my point.

Teddy Roosevelt (a republican) probably wound up on Mount Rushmore because he broke up monopolies like the one owned by J.P. Rockefeller. Bank mergers, or any other kind of giant merger is nothing more than a reassembly of these monopolies. We are pretty much back in the 19th century when it comes to labor laws. I’m not a great fan of big labor because it provided ridiculous perks and salaries for people with little or nor education and encouraged sloth. However, when a married woman can be fired for becoming pregnant on the job, deregulation had gone too far the other way.

Why is the Tea party so dead set against Obamacare? Is it because it will become another gigantic government welfare program (or so they say)?  No, the “real” reason they are against it is because their corporate sponsors (insurance companies) tell them to stop it at any cost. Why?  Because these companies are making money hand over fist by squeezing the life out of average Americans. They cherry pick who they want to insure to maximize profits, leaving the dregs behind in the emergency room to be paid for by taxpayers. They get all the benefit and none of the risk. What kind of insurance is that?

So what needs to be done? Well, I think you know what to do in November, 2014, don’t you?

Insuring the uninsured

26 Jun

Just had a forehead slapping moment (the V8 kind). Why not establish a medical tax for everybody? It would cover basic services like checkups and medical emergencies.

Over-priced jet plane

26 Feb

Everybody talks about entitlement costs being out of control and I couldn’t agree more. Let’s take military defense contracts as an example. What? Military contracts are entitlements? You bet they are. Affirmative action is rampant here too, but it has nothing to do with race or sex. It has everything to do with lobbyists and revolving door consultants who leave Congress and go to work for these companies to bring home the bacon.

Imagine for a moment, one stinking airplane that is going to cost 0ne trillion dollars to develop and have about 200-300 of them made. One trillion dollars! Why, because of the usual way these companies do business. Bid low (probably with inside information) then make it up and them some with delays, cost overruns, you name it. The solution to this particular problem is incredibly simple. Don’t massage it, don’t tweak it, no pouring new wine into old bottles, JUST KILL IT, plain and simple!

The United States government is out of control, no doubt about it and we need to gut the thing. If someone can’t explain to me in plain english in five minutes or less what they are doing on the government payroll, then, they should be terminated and their job eliminated, permanently! In this economy that sounds pretty cruel, I know. So the government should help them out in this transition period by finding them a real job, helping them dump their over-priced house and fancy car, etc and moving into something more affordable, like what most other people have to do.

Big Oil

13 Feb

I read about how we need to become energy “independent” by allowing big oil to do whatever they want when it comes to oil shale, fracking or whatever else they can dream up to make a buck at the expense of the environment.  Well, whenever they do open up a new oil field, is it used to fill up American gas pumps or is it simply sold to the highest bidder? You tell me, folks.

It seems like speculators are the mostly likely culprits. This is Wall Street at its finest. Driving up the price for everybody else and pocketing the difference between what they bought it for and the profit they made, all without ever doing anything more than pushing a few computer buttons. This should be illegal, plain and simple. So why isn’t it?

The present day situation is really perverse. Americans are using so little gasoline these days that oil companies now export it to other countries! Whatever happened to supply and demand? It went out the door with the oil/government merger and subsequent monopoly.

Line Item Veto

8 Feb

Great news! The line item veto will be going into effect soon. Now Congress doesn’t have to fear the wrath of voters whenever their pork projects are removed by the President.